Our Mission

Ending an Epidemic

The mission of Housing Plus, Inc. is to end homelessness in the City of Atlanta, by providing case management and housing support to individuals in the community. Founded in June of 2018, Housing Plus Inc. brokers a variety of services in the City of Atlanta to provide a network of care for individuals suffering from the homelessness epidemic. 

On a given night in 2018, 553,742 people experienced homelessness in the U.S.  Between October 1, 2016, and September 30, 2017, an estimated 950,497 people used an emergency shelter or transitional housing program. Furthermore, On a single night in 2018, an estimated:

  • 180,413 people in families, including children, experienced homelessness.
  • 372,417 single individuals experienced homelessness.
  • 88,640 individuals had chronic patterns of homelessness.
  • 37,878 veterans experienced homelessness.

Housing Plus, Inc., wielding evidence-based practices and procedures, the help of a variety of local community leaders and agencies, and financial support from monetary or in-kind donations from the community, seeks to pave the way for a world in which everyone has access to a roof over their head and the resources they need to prosper. 

The Need

The National Alliance to End Homelessness' "State of Homelessness in America" report charts progress in ending homelessness in the United States. Using the most recently available national data, it is intended to serve as a reference for policymakers, journalists, advocates, and the public on trends in homelessness, homeless assistance, and at-risk populations at the national and state levels.  

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Housing First Model