COVID-19 Response


Utilities Assistance


Coming Soon - A list of resources that can help with utility bills. In the mean time check out our friends at 2-1-1

Food Stamps and Pantries

Eligibility for food stamps/SNAP has been expanded during this emergency. Apply for food stamps/Medicaid online here:

To find food pantries in your area, text FINDFOOD (one word, no space) or COMIDA to 888-976-2232.  

The Current State of Evictions


Do not assume you cannot be evicted. It is crucial to work with your landlord about your situation until something definite about housing protection is decided by the State of Georgia or the Federal Government. 

  1. Get it in writing. If your landlord gives you an extension or says, he or she will work with you, get it in writing, even if it is in an email or text message.
  2. Each county is different. Be careful who you get your information from because each county is different in how they deal with evictions.
  3. If you think you are going to have trouble with your landlord, reach out to Legal Aid sooner than later. See the button below.
  4. Reach out to Frontline Housing or Housing Plus the moment you think you may not have your rent covered. The terrific staff will do their best to help those who qualify for services.

We can only hope that the State of Georgia and the Federal Government will make decisions to help keep people housed. Until such time, it is best to communicate your situation to your landlord and try to work out a solution.

Your Donations Will Make a Difference

Frontline Housing and Housing Plus work with people who either need permanent housing or are trying to keep permanent housing by providing rental assistance and wrap-around services to those who qualify.  Your donations help pay for these activities along with the support of the United Way of Greater Atlanta.  By selecting the button below you will make a positive change in someone's life.